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February 2012
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March 29 2012 at 14:35:07

I have just started living in Luddite and I’m loving minute of it! Life here is so natural, easy going and independent! I think you should really consider coming and living here with me, but I’ll tell you a bit about it

Luddite is a little village with around 1000 people, the atmosphere here is great. Every one lives so close and everyone knows each other it’s like a big family! We have such a good relationship with others since there is no technology here. We actually go out to hangout and talk; the conversations are more real instead of over the lousy phone or text.

The environment is so beautiful and such a sight to see! Without all the development and store and places of technology there is more place of nature. Many people in my village love to go on nature walks and see what we have without the destruction of humans, this is one of my favourite parts of Luddite.

Families have been getting split up more and more due to temptations and improvements of technology. In Luddite we have bigger and stronger families than most places; the idea of actually talking to someone makes every relationship with one another stronger and more meaningful.

In our village we have many different ways to spend your day instead of on the internet you can write letters to family and friend that are more meaningful than a text tweet or a message. You can also go to the many libraries to read for educational or fun purposes. There are also many activities and community schedule planned events to keep busy.

Coming to Luddite was a great choice for me and my family! This village is so welcoming and natural. Anyone including you should come and make this your home because with all these things to do and improvements who wouldn’t want to come live here!

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